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Why Ranchland?

an untapped market

Agricultural real estate is a $3 trillion asset class.  But it's historically restricted to a small subset of investors with the capital, expertise, and time to manage an agribusiness.  Agisle changes that, and opens up commercial ranchland to independent investors.

tangible value

Agisle ranch shares are contract-based, asset-backed, and cash-yielding. The land title of a productive cattle ranch is placed into an LLC and divided into shares.  Investors purchase shares directly.


Good ranching is not just good business, it's a basis for financial partnership. Agisle employs best-in-class ranching practices in a fiduciary capacity, to serve the goals of like-minded partners seeking high-integrity investments in an uncertain world.

Native Ecosystems

Agisle specializes in low-input, native grasslands suited to regenerative livestock grazing.  We avoid expensive row crop farmland.  The result is lower cost, less risk, and positive environmental impact.

value in scale

Larger, commercially-viable land tracts tend to be more affordable on a per-acre basis than, say, a 50-acre homestead.  The pooling of capital opens up better value opportunities for fractional landowners.

A new investment frontier


Ranchland is a timeless store of wealth, that's historically offered consistent returns, a stable cash yield, and resilience in times of inflation, recession, and market volatility.  It can now be a centerpiece of your asset allocation.

Annualized appreciation
since 1997
Source: USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service
Average annual cash yield
Target annual return
Lauren Johnson moving cattle - Agisle Ranchlands

Minimal Agribusiness Risk

Land never goes broke, but ranchers and farmers sometimes do.
  • Investors own the land & structures only, not livestock & equipment
  • Agisle engages experienced, grass-fed cattle operators in a multi-year lease agreement to steward the land and provide reliable dividend income
  • There are no management fees, capital calls, nor debt obligations 



Agricultural real estate appreciated +14% per annum during the high-inflation era from 1970 to 1980, according to USDA data. Could currency debasement be driving rising Ag land interest?


During the 2008-09 Great Financial Crisis, USDA average ranchland values fell just -2.8% — the only year-over-year decline of the last 26 years.


As an asset class, US ranchland has delivered a +6.5% compound annual return since 1997, with just 6% annualized volatility. The S&P500 has returned +7.0% on 18% volatility. That's a similar return to US equities with a fraction of the risk.

Source data:  USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service and Bloomberg.
Past performance is not indicative of future results.  See For Advisors page for more financial information.

Ranchland, not farmland

Native ecosystems

Grasslands are our specialty and passion. Agisle offers properties best-suited to regenerative livestock grazing. We avoid row crop farmland and the costly and harmful inputs they require, such as chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, GMOs, diesel, and heavy machinery. The result is less risk, lower overhead, and better value, all achieved with positive environmental impact.


Communities in partnership

A ranch is an investment that's more than a number on a screen. It's a partnership that restores a connection to the land and its agricultural heritage. Agisle shareholders are encouraged to visit the ranch, get to know the ranchers, and take part in annual shareholder meetings, work days, and education seminars.

Scarcity Value

habitat loss

The USA loses 3% of its ranch and farmland to development every year. It’s time to change that trend.  Agisle ensures that one of America’s greatest assets — native grassland — is preserved and held in trust...by you. Ranch values should continue to appreciate due to limited supply, rising food prices, but also powerful value drivers.

Holistic Value Drivers

Two mule deer bucks - Agisle Ranchlands


Ranching is a rare production system where profitability and sustainability align to perfection. What’s best for healthy, grass-fed cattle is precisely what benefits the land and flows to the bottom line. The quality and value of Agisle properties are expected to improve with each new grazing season thanks to holistic management. The result is a uniquely sustainable and profitable investment model.

Revitalizing Ecosystems through Grazing

High-density, rotational livestock grazing improves the nutrient density, microbial diversity, and carbon-storing capacity of the soil. Healthier soils, in turn, preserve perennial grasses, plant diversity, and delicate wildlife ecosystems, while staving off desertification and dustbowls.

Cow and Calf - Agisle Ranchlands

The Solution for Climate Improvement

Renowned ecologist Allan Savory believes that holistic land management is “the only solution left to climatologists and scientists." We agree. Livestock are not the cause of environmental problems; they're an essential part of the solution.

Cattle grazing in the sunset - Agisle Ranchlands

The agisle team

ranch professionals

Agisle is led by a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about sustainable ranching and investing in agriculture.

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Executive Officer
Andy Cunigan - Agisle Ranchlands
Andy Cunagin
Investment & Finance Officer
John Eldridge - Agisle Ranchlands
John Eldridge
Operations Officer
Charlie Johnson - Agisle Ranchlands
Charlie Johnson
Jen Johnson Livsey - Agisle Ranchlands
Jen Livsey
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