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Why Ranchland?

an untapped market

Until now, commercial ranchland has been limited to a small subset of investors with the capital, expertise, and time to manage a large ranch. Agisle changes that, and opens up this $725 billion asset class to a new class of global investors.

tangible value

Agisle ranch shares are contract-based, asset-backed, and cash-yielding. Investors will have direct ownership in the underlying real estate of an operating ranch. An LLC agreement legally binds shareholders to the land title of the working cattle ranch.

Proven stewardship

Agisle is led by fifth-generation cattle ranchers who are industry leaders. Investors have peace of mind knowing their land is managed by experienced operators with a proven track record of creating value through land management.

Native Ecosystems

Agisle specializes in low-input, native grasslands suited for livestock grazing. We avoid expensive row crop farmland. The result is better value, less risk, and more asymmetric returns.

value in scale

Larger, commercially-viable land tracts tend to be more affordable on a per-acre basis than, say, a 50-acre homestead. The pooling of capital opens up better risk-adjusted opportunities for investors.



Ranchland is a timeless store of wealth that offers consistent returns, a stable cash yield, and resilience in times of inflation, recession, and market volatility. It can now be a centerpiece of your asset allocation.

Annualized appreciation
*Since 1997 (Source)
Average annual cash yield
Target annual return
Lauren Johnson moving cattle - Agisle Ranchlands

Minimal Agribusiness Risk

Land never goes broke, but ranchers and farmers sometimes do.

Risk exposure is limited to the underlying real-estate while the livestock company operates as a separate entity acting as a tenant. The livestock operating company must exhibit high stewardship standards and historical longevity in the ranching industry. Multi-year lease agreements with qualified livestock companies will help provide consistent cash yields

  • Investors own the land, not livestock
  • No management fees
  • No capital calls



US ranch & farmlands’ best returns have come during periods of high inflation: From 1970 to 1980, these assets appreciated more than +14% annually.


During the 2008-09 Great Financial Crisis, ranchland values fell just -2.8% — the only year-over-year decline of the last 25 years.


Since 1997, ranchland has delivered a +5.2% annualized return with a 6.5% annual volatility. The S&P500 has returned +5.7% annually with a volatility of 17.9%. Ranchland offers similar returns to US equites with a fraction of the risk.

Ranchland, not farmland

Native ecosystems

Native ecosystems are our specialty and passion. Agisle offers land best-suited to regenerative livestock grazing. We avoid row crop farmland and the costly and harmful inputs they require, such as chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, GMOs, diesel, and heavy machinery. The result is less risk, lower overhead, and better value, all achieved with positive environmental impact.

Superior Stewardship

professional management

Agisle's founders have a multi-generational history of purchasing, developing, and operating cattle ranches.  We have the experience to identify the very best land opportunities. Our team aligns every property with an experienced, family-based ranching operation. 

Scarcity Value

habitat loss

The USA loses 3% of its ranchland and farmland to development every year. It’s time to slow that trend. Agisle ensures that one of America’s greatest assets, native grassland, is preserved. Ranchland values should continue to appreciate due to  limited supply, rising food prices, but also powerful value drivers.

Holistic Value Drivers

Two mule deer bucks - Agisle Ranchlands

Profitable Sustainability

Ranching is a rare production system where profitability and sustainability align to perfection. What’s best for healthy, grass-fed cattle is precisely what benefits the land and eventually flows to the bottom line.

Revitalizing Ecosystems through Grazing

High-density, rotational livestock grazing improves the nutrient density, microbial diversity, and carbon-storing capacity of the soil. Healthier soils, in turn, preserve perennial grasses, plant diversity, and delicate wildlife ecosystems, while staving off desertification and dustbowls.

Cow and Calf - Agisle Ranchlands

The Solution for Climate Improvement

Renowned ecologist Allan Savory believes that holistic land management is “the only solution left to climatologists and scientists." The quality and value of Agisle properties has been observed to improve with each new grazing season, thanks to the careful management of the land and the animals. This results in a uniquely sustainable and profitable investing model.

Cattle grazing in the sunset - Agisle Ranchlands

The agisle team

ranch professionals

Agisle is led by a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about sustainable ranching and investing in agriculture.

Coby Buck - Agisle Ranchlands
Coby Buck
Chief Executive Officer
Andy Cunigan - Agisle Ranchlands
Andy Cunagin
Chief Investment & Finance Officer
John Eldridge - Agisle Ranchlands
John Eldridge
Chief Operations Officer
Charlie Johnson - Agisle Ranchlands
Charlie Johnson
Shareholder & Advisor
Jen Johnson Livsey - Agisle Ranchlands
Jen Livsey
Shareholder & Advisor
Katie Johnson - Agisle Ranchlands
Katie Johnson
Shareholder & Advisor